Brunei – Malaysia Officials Meet On Anti-Graft Cooperation


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BRUNEI’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) hosted yesterday, the Ninth Annual Bilateral Cooperation Meeting with their Malaysian counterparts to further collaborative work between both bodies.

The meeting discussed various topics, centering on the sharing of investigation methodology, with a particular focus on trans-border crimes related to corruption.

According to an ACB statement, officials from the ACB and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will meet for two days to share information leading to positive transformation in the efforts of both agencies to strengthen their abilities in handling investigations on corruption, especially those involved in cross-border criminal activity.

In his welcoming speech, Hj Muhammad Juanda Hj A Rashid, Director of ACB noted the joint milestones achieved since the last meeting in August 2012, including the successful ACB-MACC Convention and the cooperation network established through their working groups, which led to capacity building trainings for ACB officers in the fields of intelligence, investigation and money laundering investigation.

He also congratulated the Malaysian delegation for their work during the October IAACA Conference, which “was a huge and meaningful success in reflecting the roles and international-level confidence shown by MACC and Malaysia to the world to cultivate and highlight its attempts against corruption”.

In turn, MACC’s Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Hj Abu Kassim Mohamed praised the spirit of collaboration between both agencies.

It was also noted that “the use of joint investigation and an operation working group with BMR are good examples of law enforcement cooperation among countries at the policy and operational level”.

“This is a model that should be highlighted. Our interaction far exceeds expectations of international protocol… The learning curve other than our formal discussion, is the informal discussions. I learn a lot from you,” said the chief commissioner.

MACC reported the success of ACB/MACC cooperation through Article 49 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), as recognised through an Executive Summary published by the UN.

The meeting will further table corruption trends in both countries, while including talks on anti-corruption and integrity education conducted by the MACC.

This is considered to be the approach in its ongoing transformation programme aiming to realise a collective and dynamic anti-corruption initiative in Malaysia.

Several presentations are expected at the meet on aspects of operations, prevention and integrity education.

The meeting will also explore future training opportunities as well as officer exchanges within law enforcement, prevention and education in specific areas to build the capacities of the agencies’ staff members.

The annual event which started in 2002 aims to be a platform for information and experience exchange as well as brainstorming between the anti-graft agencies of both countries, in which joint operations are also discussed.

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