Govt on track in fighting corruption

KPI ACHIEVED: NKRA director saysMalaysia has earned praise for its efforts

The key performance indicator (KPI) under the National Key Results Area (NKRA) in fighting corruption has been fully achieved. NKRA against corruption director Datuk Hisham Nordin said the targets had been evaluated by an international
panel which recognised the determination of the government to stamp out corruption.

“The international panel praised our country for its seriousness in fighting corruption. This is not cosmetic or rhetoric, but something real in the GTP (Government Transformation Programme) framework,” he said after participating
in the Helo Malaysia talk show over BernamaTV on Tuesday.


Hisham said one proof of the government’s sincerity in fighting corruption was the setting up of an anticorruption KPI through the NKRA and improving the country’s ranking in the Corruption Perceptions Index.
He said fighting corruption was an ongoing process because various aspects had to be evaluated. “It is a continuous work in progress. It has no end. We cannot say one day that we can stop fighting corruption. There is no ending in the fight.”

He said it was a major challenge to educate the people on the government’s efforts to fight corruption. Hisham also said a training module on integrity and the assimilation of noble values was being drawn up with the Malaysian AntiCorruption
Commission to instil values and ethics in elected representatives.
“The training may be conducted for the new members of parliament and state assemblymen after the 13th General Election.” He also said Barisan Nasional’s “Promise of Hope” manifesto was not a bribe for votes because it was a promise of common benefits and not only given to certain individuals. Bernama    Send article as PDF   

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