Graft a bane of the country, concedes Najib

Apr 23, 11 4:05pm
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Corruption and leakages are not only affecting the government’s revenue but also the nation’s economic performance, said Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He said the government had to take drastic measures to curb these scourges to safeguard the nation’s economy and that the recent arrests of people suspected to be involved in corruption were examples of the action taken.

Najib said this when opening the annual general meeting of the Pahang Malay Contractors Association in Pekan today.

Also present were Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob and International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

Recently, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission arrested 60 Customs officers nationwide who were suspected to be involved in corruption and money laundering.

Contracts given out based on needs

Najib also told the contractors present that the awarding of government contracts was based on needs and affordability.

“This is closely linked with economic growth and our ability to generate additional revenue. If there are leakages, obviously the government’s income will be affected.

“Examples are people avoiding paying income tax and under declaring when importing or exporting goods to pay less duties. These affect the government’s income,” he said, adding that ctizens should also play their role towards ensuring economic growth so that the economic pie could be enjoyed by all.

Najib added that he would be the happiest man if national revenue could be increased by RM50 billion, RM60 billion or even RM70 billion as this would mean more development projects for the people and thus good news for contractors.

– Bernama
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Compass I always laugh when UMNO leaders say they are against corruption. Can’t they talk about something more believable ?
10 minutes ago · Report
Ramachandran Muniandy Why only DAP bring about corruption in Parliament but not PKR leaders like Anwar and Azmin? Becos they are as corrupted as BN leaders or worst!
2 hours ago · Report
Gen2 Start with the Mother of all Corruptions – the submarine commissions.
2 hours ago · Report
Disgusted No point talking and agreeing about Corruption. Rakyat want action starting with UMNO, BN and civil service. Do you dare? Catch Mamak gang as well.
3 hours ago · Report
righteous As i’ve always maintained..They have all the answers to all the problems..loosing elections,loosing revenue,loosing engines,loosing competiveness and what have you.The only problem is WHO GAINS OR LOOSE THE MOSTif at all Najib gets his BALLS back from Kak Rose to act and do the needful.No one in UMNO will be left standing,neither is the race-dominated civil service.Hence, “I help you,you help me””I shut one eye,you close one eye”Boss semua a OKAY.1 Melayu 1 Bumi kita,jangan orang lain masuk kaka caucau.Wasalaam.”
3 hours ago · Report    Send article as PDF   

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