Agong: The Constitution Must Not Be Questioned to Avoid Disunity

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by Haider Yutim
KUALA LUMPUR, 7 MARCH, 2011: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin said he regards the tendency of some parties in raising sensitive issues and politicizing things that shouldn’t as serious.

Tuanku Mizan said this during his majesty’s officiating speech for this year’s parliament session.
His majesty urged all parties to uphold and honor the law and constitution, the sovereignty of the Malays Rulers, and the Rukun Negara, Islam as the federal religion, the special position of the Malays as well as Sabahan and Sarawakians, the interest of other races and also basic rights as stated in the Constitution which cannot be questioned to avoid disunity.
His majesty also said that while Islam is the Federal religion, other religion can be practiced peacefully in fact the religions that have the most followers were given public holidays.
“This shows moderation and inclusiveness as taught by Islam and practiced in this prosperous country,” said Tuanku Mizan.
Meanwhile, his majesty also said that the Prime Minister has taken the right step in implementing various transformation plans such as 1Malaysia policy, Government Transformation Program (GTP), National Key Result Area (NKRA),  Economic Transformation Program (ETP), New Economic Model (NEM) and also the 10th and 11th Malaysian Plan.
According to his majesty, the GTP and ETP are considered a bold and far-sighted steps in turning Malaysia into a high-income country.
While congratulating on Malaysia’s achievement on being tenth in the World’s Competitiveness Report 2010, his majesty also hoped we wouldn’t be too complacent on the position.
His majesty hopes that liberalization steps in manufacturing and servicing sector be taken so that the country carries on with its competitiveness in the global level.
His majesty also added that knowledgeable human capital which are highly skilled with first class minds and able to compete in the global level are very important in order to achieve the high income and developed country status.
“In this matter, human capital development will continue to be developed through the transformation of education, skills training and learning,” his majesty said.
Tuanku Mizan pointed that the government is committed in battling corruption, and it is done not just to lift up the country’s position in the Corruption Perception Index, but as awareness that corruption can ruin a country and its people.
“Only with the cooperation of all parties, corruption can be wiped out. Give full support and faith to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in battling corruption and the abuse of power,” said his majesty.
On the recent price hikes which affected the whole world due to global warming, natural disasters, change of countries’ policies and the increase of population, Tuanku Mizan said it is a world crisis and out of the government’s control as Malaysia is prone to price hikes.
His majesty told the rakyat to be prepared of this phenomenon and to be a smart consumer and not depend wholly on the government.
The parliament session for 2011 begins its first sitting today.    Send article as PDF   

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