Neither CSI or ICAC

by : SylvesterLKC

I don’t know where and how to make a start for this topic today, but let’s make it the simple way – why still don’t understand how the commission works? Why keep asking about the Big Fishes?

In fact, there are a lot of cases, where certain people refers that as Big Fishes are still undergoing investigation, but simply because, it is STILL under investigation, details cannot be publicize. No suspect, no amount of bribery, not even a single word to the media. The cause and effect relation is heavy enough to bring down the moon (well, being exaggerated, but somehow true).

Now imagine, news leaked to the media, this time is about someone in the top management in government sector taking bribes – just assume that. Everyone now is discussing as the news, or rumors are all around, splash everywhere, on the TV, on the newspaper, on the radio, do you think, that someone will sit and wait for the MACC officers to come around and give the speech “You are now under arrest. You may remain silent but any spoken word can be a court statement”. Sound dramatic for you? Either way.

Does that make sense now? It’s just like when you’re fishing by the lake side but in the mean time you’re dancing around “Yay! I’m fishing!” Referring to the scenario above, that someone would have long gone away with the money, or bribe trophies or even destroy all the relevant evidences. This so called Big Fish might have taken away millions and millions of money! Now ATTENTION TAX PAYERS, that is YOUR MONEY! And because of the leak of news, MACC failed to arrest this people, yet, perceive as the MACC failed. Nobody will defend the commission. That someone is away relaxing and enjoying life with the money. Is that fair?

We don’t blame mass media, as that is the only place where the public are able to get the first-hand information. As for this moment, things had moved far beyond what people are seeing now. Some people said this, “Malaysians tend to forget”. That’s true. Now the topic has gone to the RCI, some moments later it will be another new topic. There will be endless gossips towards the commission, so why don’t people say something good about the commission? Comparing the percentage of people who watched the CSI or that certain kind of serial drama, how many of them would say that’s a bad show. How many percentages of those would that’s a good commission?

You see the facts here. I would say, I’d rather be blaming myself than blaming the commission. A good community must have a good basis, and that basis starts from ourselves, make yourself good, only then you can change the society.    Send article as PDF   

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  1. #1 by Helen on August 5, 2013 - 2:24 pm

    each time i used to read smaller articles
    or reviews which also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this place.

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