Getting Smarter in Corruption

by : SylvesterLKC

Few days ago I went to somewhere in Ampang for my medical check-up. After the check-up of course I went back. Just before the junction the traffic was quite heavy, and that was unusual. Seems like an operation by the authority. They stop some of the cars and some move on, unluckily I was being stopped. I wind down; asking the officer what is the matter.

“You’re not wearing your seat belt.”

”I did.”
”But my officers said that they saw you not wearing.”
”But I did”, I replied.
”So?” I added.

He silent for a while then letting me go.

They really wanted it so much? But why let me go? Either they were scared, or they don’t want it. Which one you think?

The point is, they want bribery, and they want money. But, most of the time they only target at those who offended the regulations. They are targeting at their mind, that if the offenders pay, they will escape from legal action. When it comes to certain situation, these who take bribery will stop their action of taking; scare being caught. They already know when and where to take.

Smart enough?

There are certain times where authority goes on operation again. Obviously they want to take, but they will not ask for it, they waited for the offenders to give, or offer. I heard this from someone, this offender was caught speeding, and then he slipped a note of 50 to the window pane while the officer checked his license and ID. After returning them, the note is gone and the officer let him go with an advice, don’t repeat it again.

The point is, there is already a mutual understanding between the giver and the taker. A simple collaboration without speaking. This was thought to have no proving evidence, but from the related authority, they had found ways to prove.

Smart enough?

This is the old way, but always the choice of takers. They are the people who stand high on the top, or almost; both governmental and private agencies. These people will give order to the subordinate to do the action, and this subordinate will order someone else to do the job, so and so. The chain could involve more than 10. So if anything happen, that taker will give some money to the middle one, as a form of compensation so he would give himself out. The chain breaks, the taker’s safe.

The point is, people wanted to take, but scare being caught at the same moment, so he made a chain. But indeed, chain doesn’t really help. If the authority or the officials have the willpower to investigate, fully enough to eradicate corruption, I am sure that no matter how high you stand, you will be taken down, too.

Smart enough?

Think again before you give. Think again before you take.    Send article as PDF   

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