I hate corruption!

by Saiful Nang on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 12:08pm

For the sake of the money I earn must come from a clean sources in order for me to get a good life, good wife, good kids and respected by many i firmly say NO TO CORRUPTION. Why this time, I interested to talk about this topic?

Llast week, i fought with a “royal officer” just for me to get my payment in full since he plan to deduct it 1/3 of the amount (Say the amount is RM45,000, then he wanted RM15,000 out of it) for his pocket. Do you call this corruption?

Not yet. I would say…this is just an overshot token requested by someone who already got paid for all the job he did on his own capacity.


Once he kept on saying “Bagi jer bro…akan datang yang lain-lain aku akan tolong pastikan ko akan dapat job ni”.

I’ve been informed that the Princess requested myself personally to take picture, not because I’ve been recommended by this man. So, it shouldn’t happen that way. And that’s what I call corruption. I’ll pay him 15k just for the sake of getting more in the future. I’m not that type of people. Why? you may think, the king is rich what…just quote sahaja lah…but….

This is my stand. If I quoted (the figure just an example) RM45,000 for the whole assignment, which mean I’m delivering RM45,000 VALUES. But if he asked RM15,000 and I only get RM30,000 value. Which mean…I just be so unfair to myself, my staff, my company, and the orphan house we have. Someone advised me to tell him…next time cakap awal-awal lah boleh mark-up the quotation. And this is my stand…if I quote the Princess RM45,000 and I know that I will only get RM30,000 then it’s unfair for me to give RM45,000 values to customer. Even worst…if i just go with it…it’s unfair for the princess who will pay RM30k value for RM45k price. It doesn’t matter they are rich or poor. That was corruption!

Before that, let me tell you about how I refused to take a delicious offer of a job at almost RM80k in a GLC and what I have to do is just to mark-up my quotation for another 20k for the person who will approve the contract. I rather be poor and happy instead of rich and live in trouble. My firm stand on corruption was the strength for me to let go that big chunk of money.

I enjoy a good sleep every night and not to afraid about the petrol car, SPRM come to my house and arrest me to the lock-up due to corruption.

Back to the Princess (Her Royal Highness / HRH) story, I shoot her son birthday party (Prince) and for that particular assignment, I have to be in that place for 3 days. Co-incidentally it happened at the time I should be on my way home from Frankfurt with my family. I feel thankful to HRH, since she was one of my earliest supporter that valued my skill and hired me. She contributed quite a lot to the revenue during my early days and that money has been used to open my gallery now. With that request, I’m eagerly want to accept it. Then I called my travel agent to differ my flight back ticket to 2 days earlier. Which mean, I’ll be home 2 days earlier than the original plan. In the other hand, I lost on 2 nights stay hotel in Frankfurt. And it’s not a big deal for me. Most important, I’m oblige to attend and shoot for the birhday. Quotation has been sent and agreed..Alhamdulillah.

The officer called all the way to Rotternburg, Germany when I was caravaning with my family. He told me this…

“Saiful, nama ko dah takde dah dalam senarai petugas / vendor utk Prince W birthday, tapi aku dah adjust semula now mana ko ada balik dalam senarai…”.

He may want to tell me that I’m suppose to be thankful to him for fighting on behalf of me. Tapi takpe lah, I took it positively. I’m not sure the real situation when he said HRH “maybe” not interested with you anymore. I was a bit sad but nothing much I can do if the cancellation really happen.

My contract agreed was for 3 days. He flew me to the venue only at night while I supposed to be there in the morning. I can’t do anything since I can’t buy my own ticket due to the arrangement on the other side. As a professional, you consider that as the “holding period”. Commitment is started already from the morning even-though I only flew there at night. Later, he use this as the reason to get discount (which is not actually discount, but money for his pocket).

To cut it short…all the ding-dong selama hampir 2 bulan tu hampir nak berakhir bila i collected the paycheck near his (let’s call him Ringgo lah, nampak macam gangster sikit…but not the real name lah)office in Shah Alam. Yess…finally! 2 hours later, Ringgo called me. He stopped the check just with 1 stupid reason, tersalah bagi check yang dah di cancel.After all these ding-dongs then I decided to bypass him and call HRH’s Personal Assistant (which Ringgo never knew I have a direct contact to HRH’s PA) to follow-up about the payment (that actually has been paid in the very next day of event by HRH but it has been passed through this corrupted officer). PA called Ringgo for clarification. Ringgo rang me then. He shouted macam orang mati bini and this time he told me that I’m greedy and curse me with many things. And this time, he stated that RM15,000 requested was for discount for HRH (pulakkk…dah tahu PA dah tahu cerita, mula tukar plot dari token jadi discount). But…I doubt about it and that was the only time he mentioned it as discount (not his token).

Ringgo is not stupid. He’s very smart. He reserved his words on the phone or SMS that can be recorded as evidence. In the other side, I’m not dumb as well. I managed to collect a few conversations that he mentioned about all these. Not so many, but it’s enough to show the whole story.

Well, the story is actually muuuchhhhhh longer than this. Not to mentioned the delay of the payment because of HRH give a bounce check and few others lah. But I can’t type it anymore. Why I should write this in my blog? Because I know Ringgo is very close and trusted by the HRH and I’m just like nobody. Ringgo threaten me that there’ll be no more job for me related to HRH and I’m sure, to do that, she’ll explain a lot of things not right and maybe or maybe not HRH will buy his words (I believe HRH is really smart on this thing). As for me, I have my readers to read and I know, HRH is reading it too.

I love to work with them again…but not going through a middle man. Probably HRH – PA – SN. Instead of adding someone corrupted. I’m a bit sad because I worked together with Ringgo since my very first day working with HRH. This is the ONLY TIME…he challenged my principle & my stand against corruption.

I don’t mind if I lose the job, as long as the rezeki I earned is blessed by god and I can live happily with my family. The truth will finally revealed

My little Orked. How do I tune her to be a good people with dirty money? That’s why I’m 100% go against corruption at anytime, anywhere, any amount and in whatever form it came.

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