Prof. Michel Girodo’s Opinion on the latest CPI score of Malaysia

“There was a drop by 0.1 point from the last year CPI score. I would not be too concern about that but I know that public does. But to me it takes a while for the index to go up or to go down. Because the efforts on the ground that we’re all making, have a long lag time before the interviewer who come the following year to interview people that contributed to the index. Don’t be too upset over the fact that it is moving slowly. Secondly, I would be much more interested in having the public become aware of specific gains that are being made in targeted area of anti-corruption where we can get quick results”.

These are the words of Prof Michel Girodo, an expert on psychology and criminology and also a member or the Interpol Group of Experts on Corruptipon (IGEC) during the recoding of the Sudut Pandang talk program that will be aired on Astro Awani later this month. Tune in to Astro Awani (channel 501) for the full interview.    Send article as PDF   

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