Prevention BETTER than Prosecution


Many are familiar with the saying, ‘better safe than sorry’, but very few can vouch that it is something that they practise in real life.

Usually, we have the tendency to ignore a problem or an issue at hand until we find ourselves in dire straits.

Realising that this could happen to our nation one day, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has been inspecting existing systems and work procedures of government departments, private companies and non-governmental organisations.

This is part of the precautionary action taken by the Commission to ensure that there are no weaknesses and loopholes that could open the door to corruption, abuse of powers and malpractices.

Last year, the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya carried out 128 inspections and this excludes the 104 inspections done by its State Offices.

Some of the prominent places that received advisory services from MACC include the Ministry of Education’s Human Development Management Sector, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Terminal and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Others are the Terengganu State Government, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Labuan Corporation.

MACC Inspection and Consultation Division (ICD) Deputy Director Tan Kang Sai pledged to facilitate in inspection and extend advisory services to all manner of establishments irrespectively.

“We will assist those without proper systems and procedures but for those who have, we will make the existing ones better,” he told China Press during an exclusive interview in Putrajaya yesterday.

ICD, he added, strives to ensure that there are no monopoly and politicking within each establishment so that services could be improved with transparency in all dealings.

Concurring with him is leading expert on graft Professor Robert Klitgaard, who said in an interview recently that prevention is ‘more important’ than prosecution in weeding out corruption.

He reasoned that it is “important to analyze the vulnerability and risk of corruption in the system and think of ways to make the existing system stronger against corruption”.    Send article as PDF   

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