APC – Appreciations, Praises & Compliments

Yesterday mark one year of hard work, sweat and tears being recognized at the annual Excellence Service Award or APC (Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang). This lucky bunch received a small token from MACC for their dedication and contribution to the wellbeing of the organization.

When the Chief Commissioner humbled himself by expressing his gratitude to all the Divisions under MACC, the Auditorium was put to a silent. A sense of relieved, appreciated and honoured comes to most of the MACC staff that attended.

Abu Kassim thanked his staff over and over again for he realized that without the co-operation and support from them, MACC will not be what it is today. MACC in once more respected and feared but in the same time loved by some and hated by others.

It’s the nature of MACC’s work to be hated, to be scrutinize or to be blamed but so few thanked the commission for all the hard work they’ve done.

Coming back to the APC, almost 300 people consisting of the staff and officers of MACC attended the award ceremony. With a long list of awards recipient, the ceremony started with the Excellence Performance Award and followed by the Salary Increment Award.

It would be a lie if you cannot see the shine and honesty in the Chief Commissioner’s eyes when he presented the awards. That shows that he really appreciate this lucky bunch and not forgetting all the staff of MACC. For the not so lucky, it’s not the end of the line. Years and years to come and there will be chances, opportunities and space for the hard hardworking, for the dedicated and deserving staff of MACC to clinch this award.

There will be a group of people that will judge these recipient for the matter of “What have he/she done to deserve this award?”, Why him?, Why She?, Why this, Why That, The question that should be asked to YOURSELF are, “What makes I see it differently?, Why must I judge those who have been judged?, What should I do to improve myself and maybe get the chance to receive the honour?”. This is life. The bitter reality of life, it’s hard to make everyone to love you but it’s easy to make them hate you.

For the recipient, this doesn’t mean that you can stop working your heart out, this is not where you stop, but this is just the beginning to more great things as you shaped it. Keep up the good work and perhaps you will be up there again next year.

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