Greed root of corruption : Expert’s Point Of View

Courtesy of : MARK GUYDISH

Nearly $3.4 million in alleged kickbacks, more than 30 people charged, with allegations hitting institutions from courts to schools. If the federal probe has, indeed, exposed a “culture of corruption” permeating every aspect of Luzerne County, How do we get rid of it?

Tough prison terms? Restructured governments? Strict codes of conduct? Ethics education in school and more public discussion, as championed the new Ethics Awareness Initiative?

“Addressing it is indeed challenging,” University of Scranton criminal justice Professor David Friedrichs conceded. “With this new wave of indictments and imprisonment of high-profile judges and officials, there is hope that it will have fundamental impact in terms of individual choices.

“But more generally,” he added, “you have to try to reorient the whole culture to address the built-in conflicts of interests in public/private sector arrangements.”

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